Category: Funnel Diagrams

A funnel diagram is a graphical representation of a process that narrows down from a wide range of options or possibilities to a specific result or outcome. It is often used to represent a sales or marketing process, where the wide end of the funnel represents the initial pool of potential customers, and the narrow end represents the successful conversion of those customers into actual buyers.

Funnel diagrams are useful for visualizing and analyzing the various stages of a process, and can help identify bottlenecks or points of failure where the number of options or potential customers decreases significantly. They can also be used to track the progress of a process over time and identify areas for improvement.

Some common elements of a funnel diagram include labels or descriptions for each stage of the process, visual representations of the flow of options or customers through the funnel, and data or metrics to show the percentage or number of options or customers at each stage. Explore various types of funnel diagrams here at FormatWorks.

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