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Bid-tracker Excel Format download for free

Download Tracker and Log sheet for personal, professional and business use. Bid Tracker is a free tracker and log based Microsoft Excel template. This helps you in organizing your activities.

A bid tracker is a tool or system that is useful in keeping track of bids that a company submits in response to requests for proposals (RFPs) or other types of bidding opportunities. A bid tracker may be a spreadsheet or software program that allows a company to organize and track the status of each bid, from initial submission to final decision.

However, for small to medium level companies, it is easy and cost effective to manage and track bids via Microsoft Excel or Spreadsheet. Download free bid tracker excel template from this page.

About this bid tracker excel format

The bid tracker typically includes information such as the name of the bidding opportunity, the date the bid was submitted, the proposal amount, the name of the customer or organization issuing the RFP, the status of the bid (e.g. pending, accepted, declined), and any notes or comments related to the bid.

Tracking of bids becomes important for an organization because of the following reasons -

  • Stay on top of your deadlines. By keeping track of all bids submitted, a company can stay organized and avoid missing important deadlines or opportunities.
  • A bid tracker can provide valuable data and insights into a company's bidding history and performance.
  • Tracking bids can help a company allocate its resources more effectively.
  • By tracking bids, a company can monitor the costs associated with each bid and ensure that they are not overspending on unsuccessful bids.
  • A bid tracker can serve as a central repository of information related to bids, making it easier for team members to communicate and collaborate on bids.

In this bid track excel template, you can enter bid details like bid date, description, date received, amount, percentage completion, deadline, and days left. Also, Clustered column chart and pivot table are automatically updated in the Summary worksheet.

Features of this tracker and log excel format

Here are some of the salient features of this template -

  • It is a fully editable and customizable excel file.
  • And, It is extremely easy to download and use for your personal and business use.
  • Free fonts, typefaces and designs in the template applied
  • It is also compatible with all spreadsheet software like Microsoft Excel, Libre Office, WPS Office etc.
  • Tracker templates are important because they can save users time and effort by providing a starting point for tracking data or projects. These templates can be used for a variety of purposes, such as tracking sales leads, project progress, expenses, or inventory.
    Using tracker templates can also help ensure consistency and accuracy in data tracking, as they provide a standardized format for entering and organizing data. This can be particularly useful when multiple people are involved in tracking data or working on a project.

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