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RA Bill Format in Excel

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A running account bill is a type of bill that records transactions or charges made by a customer with a business over a period of time. This type of bill is typically used by businesses that provide services on an ongoing basis or have repeat customers.

Rather than creating a new bill for each transaction or service provided, a running account bill allows the business to accumulate charges and record them on a single bill. The bill will usually list the date of each transaction, the description of the service provided, and the amount charged.

Running account bills can be useful for both the business and the customer. For the business, it simplifies the billing process and allows them to keep better track of the services provided and payments received. For the customer, it provides a convenient way to track expenses and ensures that they are only billed for the services they actually received.

The billing engineer is responsible for verifying the quantity & quality of actual work done on the site.

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Features of this Invoice and Bill based document template

Some salient features of this invoice template are -

  • Fully editable and customizable document file with invoice information.
  • Comes with automatic calculation fields, wherever possible.
  • Easy to download and use. Useful for small and medium sized business.
  • Free fonts, typefaces and icons in the template applied.
  • Compatible with all analytics and spreadsheet software like Microsoft Excel, Libre Office, WPS Office etc.
  • The best invoice and bill template for you will depend on the type of services, goods supplied. Invoices are a part of business processes. You can customize the invoice template and create a standard format for your profession or organization. The Running Account (RA) Bill template and format can be useful to showcase summary of supplies, tax information and other information. Since, this template is easy to customize, you can make some modification to make it useful in your scenario.

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