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Arrow Infographic Slides Template

Arrow Infographics presentation template by Formatworks for presentation in powerpoint, google slides, prezi, canva and more. Download now.




Define various topics, focal points and processes using arrow infographic slides and designs. Create visually appealing presentations using free resources and slide concepts.
Features of Arrow Infographic Slides

Arrows and pointed structures and designs can be useful in presentations. The arrows can be helpful in making readers focus on any topic, or make presentations visually appealing. Arrows help in showing process, pointers and enhance the appeal. This template package for presentation infographics come with 20 arrow slide designs.

You can use these slide designs and concepts for your business presentations, marketing presentations, sales pitch deck, research and study presentations etc.

Now, once you download this presentation template, you will find following features of the template package:

  • All designs and layouts are fully and easily editable (shape color, size, and text).
  • This template has a color theme and will automatically apply color when copied and pasted.
  • Drag and drop text and image fields.
  • Comes with vector icons, replaceable.
  • Based on master slides
  • The aspect ratio of 16:9
  • It comes with 20 arrow infographic slide designs for presentations.

Below are the screenshot of the slides, that comes with this package. Explore and download all the resources and use / modify as per your requirement.

Arrow Infographic Slides _ Slide 1 to Slide 20 Full Images

Color scheme used in this template includes following color codes:

  • #A1CC1C
  • #7E94B9
  • #FFC000
  • #56C1B8
  • #DBDE6C

You can also modify the color scheme as per your requirement. Infographic slides help you with creating a visually elegant presentation and keep the readers engaged.

Download Instructions

Follow the download instructions below, if you need any assistance. You can download this template for free and start customizing or using it. All the templates, resources, formats and designs are free of cost. However, By downloading this template, you also accept our terms of use policy and privacy policy.

Once you download this template, by default, the file/ folder extension will be compressed (zip). You will require decompressing software to get all the template files. You can use 7ZIP, WINRAR etc. Also, ensure that you have the appropriate software installed on your system for the file type you are downloading (e.g., Microsoft Office for DOCX, PPTX and XLSX files, a PDF reader for PDF files). Now, Right-click on the template file you’ve downloaded and Select “Open With” from the context menu.

You can choose the relevant software/application to open the file. For DOCX files, use a word processing application (e.g., Microsoft Word or any other document reader). For XLSX files, use a spreadsheet application (e.g., Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets or Spreadsheet or Apple Numbers). For PDF files, use a PDF reader (e.g., Adobe Acrobat). For PPTX files, use a presentation software like Microsoft PowerPoint, Google Slides or Prezi or even upload it to Canva and use it. Alternatively, you can double-click on the template file, and it will open in the default application associated with that file type on your system.

If you encounter any issues, ensure your software is up-to-date or consider using an alternative application that supports the file type.

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