New AI Design Tool _ Microsoft Designer Features



Microsoft Designer is a tool you can use to create items like signs, invitations, logos, social media posts, website banners, and much more. Using your own images or Designer’s AI option, you can get started easily and customize any design. 

  • DALL-E 2 will be connected with the recently released Microsoft Designer app and the Image Creator tool in Bing and Microsoft Edge, according to Microsoft, which announced this week at its Ignite conference.
  • Using the same artificial intelligence as DALL-E 2, the Microsoft Designer app is a graphic design tool in Microsoft 365 that enables users to create unique invites, digital postcards, and other materials.
  • Although Microsoft claims it will roll out the program in a “measured approach” due to worries about potential misuse and exploitation, Image Creator in Bing and Edge will be completely free to use.
  • In response to questions about Designer and Image Creator mitigation strategies, Microsoft stated that OpenAI removed explicit sexual and violent content from the dataset used to train DALL-E 2.
  • In response to some of the legal questions recently raised with AI-powered image-generating systems, Microsoft thinks users would have “full” usage rights to monetize the images they create using Designer and Image Creator.


For customers of Microsoft 365, Microsoft Edge, and Bing, Microsoft on Wednesday released new creative and productivity tools: the Microsoft Designer app and Image Creator. By integrating DALL-E 2 into first-party apps and services, the company is significantly boosting the AI-driven system that creates pictures from text and is powered by OpenAI. Microsoft said at its Ignite conference this week that DALL-E 2 will be integrated with the recently unveiled Microsoft Designer app and Image Creator feature in Bing and Microsoft Edge.

What is Microsoft Designer tool ?

Microsoft Designer app is a graphic design tool in Microsoft 365 that lets users make custom invitations, digital postcards, and other materials using the same artificial intelligence technology as DALL-E 2. Microsoft stated in a release, “Within Designer, you can simply describe an image you want to see, and the app does the work for you to create something totally unique.”

AI image generators have gained enormous popularity in recent years with the introduction of DALL-E 2 and open-source alternatives like Stable Diffusion. In September, OpenAI said that more than 1.5 million people, including authors, creative directors, and artists, were actively producing more than 2 million photos per day using DALL-E 2. While some architecture companies have utilized DALL-E 2 and tools similar to it to envision new structures, brands, including Stitch Fix, Nestlé, and Heinz have piloted DALL-E 2 for advertising campaigns and other commercial use cases.

Microsoft is currently releasing Designer, a web software similar to Canva that can create designs for presentations, posters, digital postcards, invites, graphics, and more to share on social media and other channels in an effort to make OpenAI’s technology accessible to an even larger audience. In order to generate design ideas, Designer—whose announcement was repeatedly leaked during spring and summer—utilizes user-generated material and DALL-E 2 in addition to drop-down menus and text boxes.