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we are formatWorks Inc.

We’re young, we’re fun, and we know what you want. Since 2019, the FormatWorks Inc. team has been on a mission to bring effortless, simple platform to offer free and easy to customize templates for presentations, business information, business utility and resume formats to the masses in a modern way. 

We keep on improving our look, feel and appeal. Keep on visiting our website again and again for latest update. Else, subscribe to our mailing list to stay updated with weekly emails and marketing offers.

the mission

Our mission is to become a one stop portal for all your format, template and design needs. Currently, we are digital product provider but soon we will work in delivering online tool and software for business utility cases.

The Vision

We envision ourselves as a market leader in offering free and scalable design and creativity solutions. We are just getting started but we intend to become global leader in our space of design, templates and formats for general public.

Our office in Cloud

Currently, we are not physically present anywhere else. This is because of the nature of business we are into. We don’t bill our customers for any of the templates and we don’t deal with regulatory bodies of any country. Hence, we have our office in the clouds. 😀 Funny right ?

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