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Recruitment Process

Recruitment is a very crucial part of the business. When a business is scaling or growing, there will be surge in hiring and recruitment process. With increasing number of information and IT infrastructure, world economy has adopted global recruitment functionalities. Meaning that, an organization operating in US can appoint a resource working from India (probably remote) for their organization. Hence, recruitment process has become more complicated and developed, both at the same time.

Typically recruitment process involves sub-processes like vacancy posting, applications filtering, applicants tracking, letter of intent offering, offer letter documentation, employee master maintenance, onboarding checklist etc. This comprises of overall onboarding journey of a human capital asset in a company.

For small organizations it is impossible to implement recruitment tracking or HR module to manage the vacancies, applications and onboarding process. Usually, HR personnel use spreadsheets and excel functionalities to track the applicants and report the performance or status of recruitment process.

This page will offer all the recruitment related excel templates that might be helpful for HR Managers and HR professionals. Recruitment agencies can also use this template to create a separate tracker for different clients or geographies. Explore Recruitment Process Excel Templates and optimize your business with best and optimized resources available for free.